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VP of Programs Roxy L. Rowton started the meeting by introducing the talented and vivacious Benita Adams. Adams, an AICI WDC member and television personality from the Virginia Beach area, spoke about how to land interviews. Benita’s resume boasts greater than 17 years of talent work, which includes TV and radio commercials, print work, voice-over work, and training films. She has had roles in TV programs such as America's Most Wanted, The FBI Files, and The Prosecutors.

With the three L’s of “Learn, Listen, and Look,” we discovered how to be the total package so that when we enter a room, heads turns and we get noticed for our professional style. Benita told us to find out what producers are looking for and email a short news release, making it concise and easy to read, and provide a list of questions on our topic. For television interviews, we need to be energetic and give concise answers. Showing our passion and relating to the anchor in a conversational and interesting manner is will make the interview a success. We should be subject matter experts! Benita advised have a mental script on our topic so we can stay on point. It’s best not to wear apparel or makeup too bright;  it will help if we can find out where you will be interviewed and what background colors are prominent, the type of stage set up, and the height and type of chair. Be sure shoes are polished and stylish!

The AICI Civility Star Award was given to our chapter and accepted by Chapter President Adrianne J. McQuillan, given to acknowledge members participating in procuring Civility Proclamations for the month of May 2010, declaring it International Civility Awareness Month. Members honored by the award are Annette Harris, Bonnie Rogers, Pat Locke, Cindy Ann Peterson and Yasmin Anderson-Smith.

Nordstrom staff presented new ideas for makeup for spring, including the news that there’s a perfect red lipstick for every woman out there! This year, orange tones in fashion and lip color will dominate. Purple will be trending with a strong focus in eye color from lashes to liner to lid. We learned about Nordstrom’s online shopping and stylist program. Stylist Jonina Spriggs shared the ways they can help us shop for our clients. The fine detail in customer service is Nordstrom’s main key to success, Christina Christopher told us. She explained how to get connected with a stylist who will be ready for us when we arrive at the store to make life easy with one-stop shopping. An exceptional shopping experience is what Nordstrom is all about!

The Nordstrom Café catered a lovely lunch. Everyone was invited to join us for our upcoming Education Day on March 12, 2011.  We also invited all members to join the Civility Counts Project and other philanthropic projects of AICI. For more information see

Cindy Ann Peterson, VP of Membership, signed her new co-authored book, My Style, My Way which features her contribution in the “Fashion Resource” section. New member Jane McFadden joined us from Baltimore.  

Our thanks to Nordstrom of Tyson’s Corner! We look forward to seeing you at Education Day March 12, 2011.

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January Chapter Meeting
By Cindy Ann Petersen

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